Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes.

Outdoor preschools have been around for decades, and studies show that children who attend outdoor preschool aren’t more likely to get sick or injured than children who attend traditional indoor preschools. Increased time outdoors also has positive effects on your child’s health, from lowering their risk of obesity to decreasing ADHD symptoms.

Q: What about the weather? Are kids always outside, all year round?
A: It depends.

Like indoor preschools, no two outdoor preschools are the same. In more moderate climates, some preschools operate all outdoors, all year round. Others have indoor spaces for use during breaks and nap time in cold winter months. With appropriate clothing for rain and cold, outdoor preschools can keep kids safe and healthy by being responsive to the environment.


Q: Will my child be ready for kindergarten?
A: Yes!

Outdoor learning offers unique benefits as compared to indoor classrooms, and research shows that children who attend outdoor preschool have the same opportunities for achieving state standards in kindergarten preparedness as students in traditional classrooms. Head over to our page for educators to see how outdoor preschool supports your child’s learning.