what we do

Our work looks different from project-to-project, but if you’re working on a project at the intersection of community health equity and the outdoors, we’ve got you covered! Our portfolio includes national projects using green infrastructure to mitigate climate change impacts, collaborations with state government agencies and community-based organizations to make Oregon State Parks more accessible, and a number of other local partnerships focused on improving health and the environment. The Oregon Health and Outdoors Initiative offers a wide variety of services to health workers, outdoor partners, and communities throughout the state of Oregon. If you're looking to advance health equity around the state and need a partner to support you, we want to help you achieve your vision. Here are a few of the services we offer:

Jade District Planting

technical assistance

We have proven experience in leading pilot programs that measure health outcomes for communities around Oregon. With our connections to professional researchers and program evaluators, we can help you get the most out of your projects with the data to help back up your conclusions.

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consulting & Training

With leadership on the cutting edge of research involving health and the outdoors, we have the expertise required to educate health workers, outdoor providers, and communities on the intersection between health and the outdoors.

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program support

We support community providers in developing and executing programs targeted at reducing health inequities by getting Oregonians outdoors. Whether you're in need of funding, staff training, or simply want to learn about best practices for leading health/outdoor programs, we can help.

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