Getting more Oregonians outside more often for their health.

Spending time in nature is a reliable and affordable way to improve one’s well-being, but not everyone has equal access to the outdoors. Communities of color, low-income communities, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups face barriers to spending time in the outdoors and are also more likely to experience health disparities than white, middle- and high-income people.

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Our mission as the Oregon Health and Outdoors Initiative is to improve health and the environment for all Oregonians by increasing access to and engagement with nature among communities experiencing inequities.

We're working to achieve our vision of an Oregon where all people feel a deep connection with the outdoors, resulting in better health, stronger communities, and flourishing natural places. The following values guide our work:

  • Equity guides our work. To achieve equal outcomes for all, we focus our efforts and resources on communities experiencing inequities. We support their priorities and leadership.
  • Collaboration allows us to make the greatest impact. We build partnerships with and between communities and sectors, helping to achieve shared goals.
  • Learning drives our progress. We seek out opportunities to learn from each other, from communities, and from emerging research. We share what we learn with other change-makers.
  • Stewardship means protecting the wellbeing of our natural places and our communities. We lead and support efforts that improve conservation and human health outcomes, catalyzing action on the connection between health and the outdoors.
  • Listening is the foundation of our relationships. We listen when partners and communities explain their needs and barriers, address them when possible, and adjust course when necessary.

Check out the links below to see the work we're doing to help improve health equity outcomes in Oregon.